About The National BrewChallenge

The National BrewChallenge started as an idea to bring our local homebrewing community together. The idea was that if we hosted a competition, got everyone who likes to make beer, mead and cider together, then gave them awesome, constructive feedback on the delicious libations that they were entering, and throw a great party to celebrate all of it, then everyone would be able to drink great beer, talk about beer, and get to know each other even better.

The National BrewChallenge is all about community, education, and bringing beer, mead and cider to the people! We started this making an awesome competition where everyone could be involved, no matter what they like to brew or what their skill level was, hosting workshops to show how to taste and judge, and enjoy anything you make, getting everyone involved, and by giving out killer prizes and bragging rights to those who win!

From these humble beginnings we saw an opportunity to involve home brewers across the country and bring our favorite community together even more, and the National BrewChallenge was born!

Now brewers across the country can enter into their favorite local competitions that are registered as qualifiers and the winners can compete head to head against the winners from other competitions around the country in the Brew Strong Competition!

The Best of Show and Heavy Medal Winners from each competition will have the opportunity to brew 3 beers, ingredients provided, and go against the best of the best from around the nation, judged by Jamil Zainasheff and his hand selected panel of judges! The winner will get all of the accolades and an insane Grand Prize!

So what are you waiting for?! See our Competition Sign Up Form to get your Club or Competition registered as a qualifier! Have more questions? Shoot us an email at

R.J. Hiller – Community Liaison

RJ Hiller – Community Liaison

R.J. is an avid beer nerd that doesn’t discriminate based on style or type of fermentation – he’ll drink all of it at least once.  Even though he is passionate about brewing and geeking out on ingredients and fermentation in general, he tries not to take beer too seriously.  He enjoys the community that comes along with beer, learning from other fermentation enthusiasts, and most of all loves to see what people come up with and how they pull it off.

Josh Dills – Part of the Community

Josh does things.

Nevada Brew Challenge

The National BrewChallenge pits the best of the best against each other in Brew Strong Competition, where the Best of Show and Heavy Medal winners from each Qualifying Competition will have to brew 3 beers head to head to see who gets bragging rights and a homebrewers dream of a grand prize!  Sign your competition up now!