BrewChallenge FAQ’s

What is the National BrewChallenge?

The National BrewChallenge is an organization that supports home brew competitions nationally. We provide support, technology and organization to homebrew comps so that they can become qualifiers for our Brew Strong Competition where the winners go head to head for big prizes.

Who is eligible to enter their competition in the National BrewChallenge?

Any competition Nationwide is eligible to register with the National BrewChallenge to make their comp a qualifier. We will allow competitions in as long as they meet our basic criteria to be a part.

How do I register my competition to become a qualifier?

Use our Registration Form and give us a little information about your competition, and we will contact you directly.

How many Competitions will be registered for 2021?

For the 2021 National BrewChallenge, we will be limiting competitions to 4.

What is the criteria to become a Registered Competition?

See our Guidelines for Qualifying Competitions to see if your competition meets our basic criteria.

Can 1 Club or Oganization Register more than 1 Competition?

As long as each competition is registered separately and meets the Guidelines for Qualifying Competitions, we want to be as welcoming as possible.

What Happens if I Win Best of Show or Heavy Medal in My Competition?

Congrats! You move on to Brew Strong! You will have to brew three beers to style, and you won’t know what they are until the ingredients show up on your doorstep! You will brew those three beers and submit them within the given timeline, then go head to head with other winners for the Grand Prize!

When is the next National BrewChallenge Competition?

The Brew Strong Competition is tentatively scheduled to take place in April of 2022. The winners from all of our 2021 Registered Competitions will brew specifically for this tasting event, and be invited to join in on the fun to see who wins the Grand Prize!

Can I Volunteer to be a Judge or Steward to be more involved and learn more about the competition process?

Yes! Local competitions always need more volunteers and are groups of awesome, welcoming people! We encourage you to help your local competitions out as much as possible!

Who do I email if I have questions or problems?

If you have any questions or problems, email Organization Committee at and we will help however we can.

Nevada Brew Challenge

The National BrewChallenge pits the best of the best against each other in Brew Strong Competition, where the Best of Show and Heavy Medal winners from each Qualifying Competition will have to brew 3 beers head to head to see who gets bragging rights and a homebrewers dream of a grand prize!  Sign your competition up now!