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Brewing with BJCP Guidelines

Did you know there are 34 different categories of beer? And that each category has different subcategories, aka styles? I was pretty surprised to learn that, and I am a pretty seasoned beer drinker! I mean, a hobby that requires me to drink, taste, judge, and make more beer to drink? That’s a no brainer. Since beer drinkers are evolving their style preference and pallets, brewers have had to evolve with us. We are constantly looking for the next best…

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Nevada Brew Challenge

The National BrewChallenge pits the best of the best against each other in Brew Strong Competition, where the Best of Show and Heavy Medal winners from each Qualifying Competition will have to brew 3 beers head to head to see who gets bragging rights and a homebrewers dream of a grand prize!  Sign your competition up now!