Big congrats are in order for the 2020 winners of the Nevada BrewChallenge!! This year was such a fun competition, tons of feedback was given to the entrants, and overall was a huge success for the homebrewing community!

Winners, Scoresheets, Participating Homebrew Clubs and the Heavy Medal-ers

If you haven’t seen already, our Best of Show winner was Philip with his Trinity Tripel! We all had the opportunity to taste this beer, and let me tell you, it was a well deserved win! Probably one of the best examples of a Belgian Tripel that I’ve had in years!

If you’d like to peruse all of the winners, head over to the Competition side of the website! It has all of the winners by category, and even lists out all of the homebrew clubs that were represented and how many medals that their brewers pulled in for them! You can see who got the most medals in the competition, our Heavy Medal awards, too!

If you entered, sign into your account and you’ll be able to see your beers and download your scoresheets to get your feedback! Everything is digitized, so you won’t get your sheets in the mail! All of the scoresheets will be available through the end of the year!

Best of Show Prize and Winner’s Medals

One of the coolest things about this competition is our sponsors! We have been seriously lucky with all of the sponsors, and the Best of Show Winner, Philip, is going to have the opportunity to brew his beer with Pigeon Head Brewery!!

While we’re still working out the details, once it’s ready we’ll have Philip’s beer On Tap at BrewChatter and Pigeon Head Brewery, and of course Philip will have it on tap at his house! Make sure that you follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you know when to come down and try it!!

Other than the Best of Show prize, all category winner’s that got 1st, 2nd or 3rd will receive medals as soon as they’re ready! If you’re a Northern Nevada local, we’ll contact you directly to let you know to come and grab your award! If you’re not local, you’ll receive your medal in the mail as soon as we have them ready!

Shout Out to Our Sponsors!

As I said above, we were lucky to have such awesome sponsors for the Nevada BrewChallenge! These guys are all supporting the homebrewing community, so let’s show them some love by buying their beer, following them on their social, spreading the good word!

Heretic Brewing Company was a huge part of the NVBC, and we can’t thank them enough! They made sure that everybody had Germ Juice Hand Sanitizer during judging to keep everyone safe, as well as providing tons of swag for the judges. Jamil and Mark even lent their palettes and helped with judging! Check them out on Facebook and Instagram, or swing by their brewery in Fairfield and grab some killer food and a delicious beer!

Imbib Custom Brews helped tremendously by adding their expertise to the judging process! Not only do they train local judges, but they have tons of experience running competitions, and were instrumental in helping during the entire process, as well as judging several groups themselves and hooking our judges up with gift cards to say thank you! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and swing by one of their two local taprooms for world class beers!

Grand Sierra Resort was instrumental in making sure that our out of state judges had a place to stay! They were nice enough to give us rooms and awesome swag for the judges gift baskets! Check them out on Facebook and Instagram, and next time you’re in town, or just want to get out of the house for the weekend, stay there and have some fun!

Occidental Brewing Company literally lent us their ENTIRE taproom and walk in cooler! This way, we could stay safe, socially distant and still have plenty of room to organize and judge the competition. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and make sure that you pick up one of their delicious beers!

Pigeon Head Brewery was kind enough to offer to brew the winning beer! We are going to brew Philips Trinity Tripel at Pigeon Head, which means you’ll get to taste it when it’s done, both at BrewChatter and at Pigeon Head!! This is the ultimate They also hooked up swag for the judging baskets and will be instrumental in getting the winning beer into the market and available to drink! Check them out on Facebook and Instagram, and swing by the brewery for some killer lagers and IPAs!

Learn More About Beer Competitions and the Nevada BrewChallenge

As I’m sure many of you know, BrewChatter’s BrewCranium blog covers tons of subjects on brewing, fermentation, troubleshooting and fun and interesting homebrewing and winemaking topics.

If you want to read more about what to expect when you enter homebrew competitions, the Beer Judge Certification Program, and how everything is set up behind the scenes, head over to BrewCranium and give The Nevada BrewChallenge and Entering Homebrew Competitions a read! There is tons of good information on everything competition related, as well as helpful links to help you get more involved both with us and other homebrew comps to support your homebrewing community!

Behind the Scenes at the NVBC

Josh and I really wanted to give everyone a look behind the scenes of the NVBC. It seems like when you enter a competition, nobody knows what’s happening until you get your scoresheets, or hopefully hear your name at an awards ceremony, and we wanted you to see HOW your beer is judged, the care we take in making sure everything stays organized, and how much everyone involved is committed to the whole homebrew community! Check out our video, Nevada BrewChallenge HomeBrew Competition and see for yourself!

What’s Happening Next Year?!

We’re super excited for next year’s competition, and have some big plans that we’re stoked to share with everybody! The NVBC will be bigger and better, but still be focused on helping everyone make better beer, one beer at a time!

Keep an eye out for awesome BrewWorkshops (they may be virtual!) and NVBC announcements as we move into next year and plan next year’s killer competition!! Follow us on Instagram, and make sure that you join the Nevada BrewChallenge Facebook Group to be the first to know what we’ve got in store for you! Brew On!